Friday, June 28, 2013

The EPIC Summer Playdate

With summer offically here, the sun shining  through the windows, and cold ice cream sandwiches calling my name {on the daily}, playdates and fun activities have become my number one focus. Dishes, laundry, and everything else? That can wait until winter. Day dreaming over here. But in reality, I have gotten to the point where I don't stress about leaving the house a mess. If it means a fun filled day at the pool? Then I'm there. If it means sharing a close memory with my children? Then you better believe I'm in. If it means that our to-do list only grows larger, but the amount of fun we have does too? Then the answer is plain and simple for me.

Have all the fun you possibly can. Life's too short and the summers go by too fast. And fun? Fun always wins.

Me? I'm continuously in search of fun playdates and activities to do with the kids. I know Graham is too young to fully enjoy the things that we do, so he is more "along for the ride" kind of guy, but he still gets to see the world, and we manage to get some giggles out of him. At least Elliana does.

My favorite kind of summer activity is one where it involes the sun, my children, and plenty of snacks. Oh, and might I add, water. Thankfully for us, we have a pool in our neighborhood and so I have become sort of an expert on getting the kids ready, getting the bags and cooler packed, and all the busy activities you could possibly imagine in hand so that we are fully prepared to spend hours in the water, by the water, with everyone happy. This includes food, drinks, change of clothes, diapers, hats, sunscreen, buckets, water toys, balls, floaties, and anything else I can fit in the bag. And by bag, I mean bags.

So here is my list of must haves to survive at the pool with two young ones.
  1. Carrier. For Graham. Although it is a short trip from car to pool, it is a must for me to have the carrier so that my hands can be free for Elliana as well as all the stuff that we brought. I also use it while in the water for extra protection {the baby pool area}. 
  2. Large beach bag. This contains all our essentials. Towels. Sunscreen. Diapers. Change of clothes. Hats. Toys for the baby. Floatie. Sunglasses!
  3. Small cooler. This is necessary for the lunch or snacks that we pack, as well as to keep our drinks cool.
  4. Bottles with ice insert. This is key to keeping the water nice and cold
  5. Float. Because although I am in the water with my daughter, in arms reach at all times, it still doesn't hurt to be on the safe side and know that they are floating with or without you present. Safety first.
  6. Beach toys. Get the largest bucket you can find and fill them with water toys, cups, and so forth. And who carries this one? The toddler, of course.
Although it may seem like a whole lot of stuff, once you get it all packed in, and do it a time or two, you will feel confident with going to the pool, staying at the pool, and most importantly having fun at the pool. Including all parties involved.

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.