Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Workout Gear. Work Out with Hanes.

We all know that a big component of motherhood that {many} mothers stress about is time. Time to get chores done. Time to meet everyone's needs. Time to get "me" time in. And time to just slow down. Time is never enough and always goes by too fast.

One of the things, for me, that I struggle with is finding the time to get exercise in. Something I used to be so diligent about. Something that was very important to me. Yet, something that I have let slip by and never looked back.

Three years later, two kids later, and here we are. Me tapping my pen on my the table, staring at my calendar, trying to figure out how to squeeze in a workout here and there. More importantly, how to figure out a routine, because, after all, I want to make this a habit and be successful.

So I turn to inspiration, and something that has always given me that little oomph to get my running shoes on.

My Hanes panty #Undercovercolor is:Pink
Color. Getting my color on, putting on something bright, and making me feel good. Also reminding myself that there is still weight, more importantly, extra skin, that needs to be lost {or in this case, toned}.

That is when I turn to Hanes and their variety of undergarments and bright colored tees to piece together and make working out not feel so dull and dreadful. Something about color just brightens the mood, and gets my legs moving. It builds this fire inside me and cheers me on. I've always been that way with fashion and clothes in general. When I look good, I feel good.

No different with pairing my working out gear.

On top of wanting good, the Hanes undergarments fit perfectly to the body. The form fitting stretchy material allows the undergarments to move with you through every stretch, shift, and change in position. 

And can we talk about saving money? Most important aspect of working out for me is not spending too much money to work out. That means no gym membership, little cost on equipment, and budget-friendly attire.

So now that I have my work out attire figured out, I just need to throw on my running shoes and... go. Time? I'll figure that one out along the way.

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  1. So true! The hardest part of working out as a mother is finding the time! I only have one little one, and I still can't find the time. Love your idea of buying bright workout gear for motivation! I am definitely going to try it, too!

  2. I love buying new work out clothes! For me, the more colorful the better! Love the green and the yellow.

  3. I am glad that you at least try to separate your "sponsored" posts from your regular posts. However you must not really be working out, especially since you are breastfeeding, if you claim to be using those strapless bras. I am really not trying to be rude, but I seriously enjoyed your blog so much more when you didn't have so many sponsored posts or reviews. I started reading not long after you had Elliana (I was pregnant with #1 so I loved looking to you for guidance on what I had coming up!) and you have definitely changed over time. I'm happy for you that your blog is doing great, but I used to LOVE reading your new posts every day, now I find myself checking your page once every 1-2 weeks. :(

    1. Ashley, I did not in fact claim anything in the post except for the desire to be working out and finding the time {not sure if you even read the post, as I mention needing to find the time from the beginning to the end}. Putting an outfit together was simply a component of my inspiration to work out, and not sure if it is the misleading picture, however, those comfort-flex bras come with straps and have many different ways of adjusting them. I apologize I could not respond via email, however your account is set up as a no-reply blogger. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Love your blog and even your sponsored posts... just sayin!!! :) Happy Sunday!!

  5. Love this and I completely agree - there is something about a little pop of color and new workout clothes that provides motivation! :)

  6. Thanks for posting about being inspired to work out. I'm trying to get myself back in shape ( again) and have been having a hard time getting inspired. Maybe a pop of color is just what I need! Hope you had a great weekend!!