Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Get KuKee with Hello Kitty

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It's fun having a three year old. Really fun. It's fun to converse with her, challenge her, educate her, and watch her personality unfold. From her food choices to her clothing choices, it's amazing to see what she likes versus what she doesn't like. We try to encourage as much independence as possible. As much as a three year old can have at this point in time

We give her choices for what she'd like to eat,what she'd like to do as well as what she'd like to wear. Well, when it comes to food, she's always been very vocal about what she would prefer. Banana, breakfast bar, and a bowl of cereal first thing in the morning. What she'd like to do? The first answer is always either the Children's Museum or the Zoo. Good thing we have year long passes to both. But as far as clothes go? It wasn't until recent that she started to develop a sense of style.

I cannot believe I'm talking about my baby's style. My baby who, it seems, I just gave birth to. But it's true, they turn into these little girls with big personalities. And these days? These days we are picking from leggings to jeans, from vest to cardigan, from boots to sneakers, and even debating over the color of the hairbow to be worn. It must match she says. Although I don't really think she has yet grasped the concept of matching. 

I like it though. I like when she decides what she wants to wear and watching her choose.  

Her favorites lately have been layers, and throwing random things together. Leggings with a skirt, shirt with a vest. A scarf to add dimension. And of course paired with her favorite pair of sunnies. Not to mention cheetah boots.

We headed off to Macy's the other day to pick up a Hello Kitty outfit of her choice. I have to say, the options were endless, which resulted in a toddler that just wanted it all. I don't blame her, I would too if they came in my size. She finally settled for the bright pink skirt and the grey jacket to pair with it. And mama over here was on cloud 9 because Macy's had a big 50% off sale, so I scored everything for half off. Deals are my thing, so if you are wanting to pick up some Hello Kitty Let's play items for your little ones---do so now, or don't forget there will be big Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals going on.

When we got home, I told Elliana that she gets to do a little scavenger hunt with her clothes. This was a foreign term to my little girl, so I had to go a little more in depth and show her exactly what I was talking about. I had downloaded the KuKee app the night before just so I would be prepared for this. I showed her how to hold the phone and then scan the little marker and her excitement was quite hilarious when the app opened up, and she saw her little face next to KuKeeeeeeeee {as she calls it}. The picture taking was pretty much what consumed the next 20 minutes of our lives.

Then, it got even better when I showed her that she could take a picture of her Hello Kitty on her jacket. We did that

Want to know how this app works? Look at the image below. There are 4 simple steps
1. Download the app on your apple or android phone.
2. Find the Hello Kitty dress up icon marker, like the one I showed you above {see that little yellow round sticker attached to the instructions? That's the marker}.
3. Aim at the marker to launch.
4. Let's Play unlocks all the fun!
5. Be sure to share with your friends by using the hashtag #mykukee
JACKET- Hello Kitty | SKIRT- Hello Kitty

Check out the KuKee pinterest board to get more great ideas.

So not only are the clothes cute, but your child gets to have a little fun with it too. It's also a great opportunity for parents to interact with their kids, and a great gift option for the holidays to come.

What are you waiting for... go get KuKee with your little girls!

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