Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Beans are Back

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Do you remember wearing Jelly sandals as a kid? Do you remember how you begged your parents to own a pair? You needed to have one and you needed to have one now? Not to mention, you needed one in every color. Am I bringing up some memories in your head? Did you look down at your feet thinking that they are in fact missing something in their life? The feet, that is. Your feet.

These were the exact thoughts that crossed through my head when I had heard that Jellys were back. 

They reminded me of jumping in puddles as a kid. Skinned knees, dirt on my pants. I grew up a tomboy. They reminded me of running around in nothing but a swimsuit and jellys on in my backyard. Each and every summer. They reminded me of listening for the ice cream truck to make his stop around our circle, to beg my parents for a "couple bucks" and then to sit on the sidewalk while we gobbled down every bit of the cold heaven on a stick. Only to dream about waking up the next day to do it all over again.

How does a pair of shoes even do that? Bring back sweet summer memories. Just like that. I'm not sure the answer to that, but I sure was excited to be able to finally get my hands on a pair. The only question that remained was... what color.

Initially, my mind instantly went to black. I'm a black and white kind of girl. I like plain and simple sometimes because it is what works with anything and everything. However, lately, I've been venturing out the box, and I knew that if I truly wanted to relive my childhood all over again, that I would have to do it the right way. Pink.

So pink it was. Pink it is. And pink definitely made me feel young and fresh all over again. It was, it is, the perfect shoe for summertime. From comfort to style, to hello-one-of-a-kind-look-at-me kind of shoe. I know that when every celebrity starts to wear them, at least I can sit here and say... hey, I started the trend! A girl can dream.

I'm not all too trendy to be honest with you, but I sure do like myself a pair of comfortable shoes and anything that reminds me of jumping in puddles, swinging off trees, and playing with the boys in the baseball fields. Then I'm all about it.

The last, and probably the best perk of all? The fact that I can match my daughter. The fact that she points down at my shoes and says "MOMMY! COOOOOOL SHOES!"

Yup. That's a win in this mama's book.

I hope that my daughter grows up with a pair of shoes that remind her of the good days. The great memories. The summer sun, the mama-daughter dates at the pool, and the sound of an ice cream truck turning the corner. I'm sure her memories will involve things that are much more hip and advanced in comparison to mine, but one thing will remain the same:

Summer is made to have fun.

And Jelly Beans? The Beans are back.

Want a pair? They are available now with free shipping to US Residents and ships here from the US by visiting the websit: jbeans.co
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  1. i totally want a pink pair!!! their website says free shipping only to australia.

  2. No Way! I totally remember wearing these and having the ones with sparkles. LOVE!

  3. so cute!! I remember having those as a kid too!!

  4. Yes! I begged my parents for Jellies when I was little and my mom bought me purple ones. I was one happy kid.

    Yours are super cute. I'm going to buy some one of these days!