Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Summer Time Means to Me

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Tomorrow is officially the last day of July. August is literally right around the corner, and fall is creeping up on us. It seems that every year, after my birthday, I get this feeling of nostalgia. Summer has this way of lifting my spirits, brightening my day, and bringing an overall effect of happiness into my life. Every one has a favorite season, mine happens to be summer time.

Summer time means a number of things to me.

Summer time means warm weather. Sun shining. Tan skin. Temperatures reaching in the 90s.
Summer time means birthday. A celebration of life. Continuation of life. And life to come.
Summer time means family. Family activities. Family memories. Family fun.
Summer time means vacation. A time spent away from our every day lives. Yet, not. Taking our family, some of our belongings, and traveling 700 miles across the country to relaxation. If you want to call it that with kids.
Summer time means ice cream, watermelon, milkshakes, and more. More cold everything. Ice cream every day during the summer? Totally acceptable.
Summer time means flip flops and dresses. The most appropriate attire for any and every day of the week. The easiest to throw on when running late out the door. And the easiest to throw off right before climbing into bed.
Summer time means water. Lots and lots of water. Sitting by the pool. Putting our feet in the sand by the beach. And scarfing down bottles and bottles of ice cold water. Remember...the heat.
Summer time means sparkles. Fireworks. Freedom. It's a time for us to celebrate this country and all the freedoms that at times we take for granted.
Summer time means carnivals. Crazy rides that scare you to death. Food that.. well.. scares you to death, yet tastes so good. And laughter and smiles all across the board.

Summer time. It's the season that makes me smile the most, and the season that also goes by the fastest. The season that I am always anxious to say hello to every year, and yet, one that I'm ready to say goodbye to come August.

Something else we will be saying goodbye to soon? Andrew's car. It's been good to us, but time for a change. Something new, something fun, something that makes me want to eat ice cream and cruise around with the windows down. Like summer time.

We've been looking at the Kia and have loved what we have seen and read. We are looking to test drive in the next few months. Right around fall time.... oh fall.

By then, I'll have a list of what fall means to me. And maybe what a new car means as well.

I'm ready.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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