Friday, March 14, 2014

The PERFECT Accessory

With a glimpse of warm weather ahead, a little bit of sunshine peeking through my window, and the days becoming closer and closer to summer, there is no doubt that I am drooling over a whole new wardrobe. A wardrobe full of shorts, dresses, and flip flops. And sun kissed skin, pool trips, and bright colored toe nails.

One thing that I especially love about summer is that there is so much to do. We literally live out of bags and are on the go from June to August. From the kids' activities to road trips, pool trips, park dates, and sleepovers at the grandparents' house---Who so happen to have a pool, and free babysitting service. And I don't have a single complaint about that. It's what I live for, and being out is so much better than being stuck in.

However, I do have to be prepared. A lot of times, I find myself making sure that everything is checked off on the kids' needs list and forget the things on my own. I'm lucky if I even remember to bring a change of underwear and clothes to sleep in when I stay downtown with my husband. Better yet, shoes for the next day.

There once was a time when I walked out of the hotel room in cheetah pajama pants and 5 inch stilettos. True statement.
Of course, there are other things that sometimes just don't make the cut simply because of space. One of those things being a razor.  Although I may not shave as often as I should, there's a high liklihood that no one would ever even notice---seeing as how I am around two people under the age of 4 every day, all day. However, when it comes to date nights, smooth legs is a must for me.

I've never quite figured out how to pack my razor {as I'm usually just throwing things in at the last minute} without cutting my finger open when I reached in it a few hours later.  But the great thing is that I no longer have to think about it. The problem was solved when I received my Venus Snap razor that not only has a mini handle and comes with a cute compact case to carry it in, but it's instant smoothness and my latest {and greatest} accessory. With its pivoting heads hugging your curves, and its smooth glide of moisture, it definitely leaves a lasting impression.

Going to the gym? Throw the Venus Snap in your gym bag. Going to the beach? In the beach bag along with the sunscreen. Having a night out? Slip it in your pocket book and you're set.

Honestly? It's so compact I could just throw it in back pocket of my jeans.

So--warm weather, summer dresses, short shorts, and beachwear, I'm ready for you. No more hiding in the house, and a lot more of us out in public doing what we love most.

And after today, a pair of smooth legs to show off.

I'm ready.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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