Thursday, February 27, 2014

Three things I'm loving. #Masterlockprotects

Three things I'm loving:

I love American Idol.
I love Fridays.
And  I love when companies work towards a great cause. I love even more when they utilize social media to do so. And I especially love it when they get other people involved in the cause.
Matsterlock right now has a great promotion going on through February 28th where they are asking consumers to tweet what they most care about and want to protect. By doing so, and using the hashtag #MasterLockProtects, they will be entered for a chance to win one of 28 prizes. That's not where it stops though. For every tweet that MasterLock receives, they will donate $1 {up to 10,000} to American Red Cross, in addition to their initial $10,000 donation.

For more details about this promotion, please visit this website.
I was also offered the opportunity to review a product made by Masterlock, the 5422D Key Portable Safe. You're probably thinking what in the world would I need this for? I said the same thing actually. That's when I called my husband and as soon as I said the words "Masterlock" he immediately answered "yes." Before I even finished.
He's a product junky. And you really don't have to give him much reason to lock things up.

We decided to use this lock to store important credit cards that our daughter has taken to thinking that belong to her. We lock it up, we know where it is, and they are safe and sound away from sneaky little toddler hands.

Now, please please go tweet those little birds away! Remember, hashtag #MasterLockProtects!

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